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White Gushers Hybrid
Mojito Hybrid
New Gold Coast Clear Summer Edition Mix Box of  [ White Gushers / Mojito Summer Edition]  Flavor In the same box to make 10 cart Flavors . New carts
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gold coast clear white gushers

gold coast clear white gushers “White Gushers,” is a Cookies family marijuana strain with Gelato #41 and Triangle Kush parents. People who enjoy it will also enjoy Runtz and Zkittlez. It is a high-THC, low-CBD cultivar with strong, euphoric effects that can be enervating at first, then sedating.

The Mojito, also known as “Mojito #1,” is a sativa-dominant cocktail.

Orange Blossom Trail crossed with Limegerian to create a hybrid marijuana strain. This strain produces relaxing effects that gradually transition into a mild and cerebral body high.
While this strain is commonly sought after for its incredible flavor profile, medical marijuana patients prefer Mojito to help relieve symptoms such as headaches, inflammation, and depression.



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gold coast clear white gushersBuy White Gushers | Mojito – New Summer Edition