GCC® Beyond Blueberry


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GCC Beyond Blueberry

To Blueberry…. and beyond, with its out-of-this-world blueberry boysenberry and cream aroma, this new strain flavor will have you blasting off with its indica-dominant cross of grape pie and fruit pebbles og

Wonderbrett’s Beyond is an indica-dominant hybrid.

GCC Beyond Blueberry’s top reported aromas are blueberries, earth, boysenberries, and sweet cream, with undertones of lavender and mint. It’s supposed to taste like berries and sweet cream.

This potent hybrid tastes and smokes exactly as it smells. Rich in flavors like ripe blueberries, earthy boysenberries, and sweet cream.

Sundae Driver’s Pedigree (seed pack by Cannarado, pheno hunted by Wonderbrett)

Terpenes include pinene, caryophyllene, ocimene, and linalool.


GCC Honey Hybrid Relaxed Spicy/Herbal


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